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Comfort came against my will,
And every story must grow old.

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#its okay guys rory and amy did get to raise a kid #its the doctor 

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“If you take away the one thing the Doctor truly loves, which is Amy Pond, you’ll see him get angry with the rest of the Universe.” -Matt Smith

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Reblog if you’ve ever cried over the death of a fictional character




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Considering every child ever has cried over the death of Mufasa or Bambi’s mother, it would be a lie not to reblog. 

i shed like one single tear over a character’s death does that count

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❥ F I V E



      “Barcelona? Right, sorry. My friend —— he has a blue box, —— travels in time in space, actually.”

"Blue box? The Doctor is here? And I take it you’re his new…companion?"

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and of course now my tag chooses to work and show me all the shit I missed.

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❥ F I V E



      “—D’ya have any idea where I am?”

                   [ Of course The Doctor had wandered off. ]

"Well you’re currently on Barcelona, dear. How’d ya get here?"

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❆ {We've never written before so I thought I'd drop by}


Send my muse a “❆”

I’ll randomly generate a number from 1-24 to see how my muse reacts to:

24. Your muse attaching jingle bells to everyone

The Doctor rested against a railing of a house somewhere in London, he was reading a book, something about mechanics.  However, he was startled once a girl started putting jingle bells…on him. “Err, hello?”


"Sh." The Captain looked up at him, "They’re to keep the pixies away." She finished tying the bell to his wrist and stood up, "Nasty buggers been causing all sorts of trouble."

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remember that time I wasn’t a shitty roleplay partner? yeah, me neither.

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